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Black Diamond

About Us


Regina W

My name is Queen! A name given to me by my mother at birth. I'm a mother of five, bay area born and raised by a grandmother that taught me how to make something out of nothing. I learned how to make clothing patterns from newspaper and paper sacks. I was taught how to cook without a recipe and make a meal from scratch. My mother taught me how to build and manage a business while remaining in school and keeping a job. These two women were the strength of my wherewithal I live by today.  Their native language was Geechee, Spanish, and of course, Igpay Atinlay better known as 'Pig Latin'. 

The ways of my ancestors were very strict, stern, and strong minded.  The men built the house, the women made it a home.  I learned how to observe and absorb whatever I could while young so I would have something to come back to when needed. Knowledge for me was like a hidden gift waiting to be unwrapped at the right point of time to create something great and long lasting.

I believe that I have found  that right point of time. Although my daughter and I are the spear-headers of Culture Shock Boutique, all of my offspring's are involved if no more than to give support or participate in helping us do whatever we need done. It's a family affair!


The Experience

Culture Shock Boutique is made for you! We offer cultural handmade and imported products for everyday lifestyle. Here at CSB, we sell everything from cultural clothing, art, home décor, natural skincare, accessories and more. CSB is a family business created by a mother and daughter team. Regina and Breonnna handmakes most of the items in their home in California.

The collaborated idea of starting this business came to mind at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak.  Due to the Pandemic both women were left jobless and seeking a steady income and thought what better way to do that than to use the hands God gave to generate an income. 

The name Culture Shock comes from the Native, Hispanic and African traditions and teachings that Regina was taught as a child. The cultural belief was to eat only organically grown food, make our own clothing, soaps and medicines to naturally heal our bodies, and build whatever was necessary with their hands. The shock came with the different lifestyles and beliefs of American practices. However shocking it was, they learned to adapt, adopt and incorporate some of the practices into their lives. 

Their hopes for this business is to share their gifts and talents with others.  



Breonna B

My name is Breonna, I am a creative individual

that loves to craft new things. I first discovered

my passion for crafting around 16 years old

when I found a ball of yarn and taught myself how to crochet a scarf. It was from that moment that I knew if I could make that, then I can make this and my abilities inspired me to share them with the world by joining with my mother to create Culture Shock Boutique. I don't believe in wasting talent, I think we all have talent even if you haven't discovered yours yet, there's always time. I'm blessed to be able to share what I can do with others and hope that they will enjoy what I create as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

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