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We have one Tigerskin jasper necklace that is 24.5inches in circumference. 


The name jasper comes from the hebrew "jashpeh" which means firm, tough, and strengthening. Tigerskin jasper helps the user to draw additional power when needed and to learn to live in the moment. If you're the type of person that can't come out of your own head, tigerskin jasper can help to bring you out of your mind and into reality. It is said that this gemstone eases emotional stress making you feel more relaxed and secure as well as create positive energy and happiness. 

Tigerskin Jasper Necklace-Unisex

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  • This item was handmade by the co-owner of Culture Shock Boutique, Breonna Bouie.

    The size of the beads used in this bracelet are 10mm.

    The accent beads used are made of alloy for anyone who is allergic to it. 

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