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How to use lava beads: Place a drop of your favorite fragrance on each of the 6 lava beads, do not pat dry, allow for the fragrance to be absorbed in the craters of the beads. You can wear your bracelet immediately after applying your chosen scent. Get as creative as you want and use essential oil, perfume, or cologne to smell amazing for hours! 


Lava stone is a volcanic rock that is created when a volcano erupts. The energy used to create lava stone through the fiery heat under the earth represents renewal and helps to guide the user and assist them in changing their circumstances, environments, and relationships if they desire to. Lava stone is known to balance emotions, to help the user be able to solve problems and think logically. 


Unakite is a sacred stone that helps the user to live in the moment offering them balance and harmony. This stone is said to help people get through difficult times and make tough decisions. 


We currently have one 7.5in bracelet that is slightly above the average wrist size for an adult or teenager. The bracelets are measured by circumference and not the length.

To measure your wrist size, wrap a piece of string or something similar around your wrist and mark it. Place the string against a ruler to know your size.

Unakite lava bracelet

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  • If the bracelet does not fit your wrist, do not stretch it to an uncomfortable extent or you risk breaking it. The bracelet should fit your wrist perfectly or have some hang to it.

  • This bracelet was handmade by the co-owner of Culture Shock Boutique, Breonna Bouie.

    The beads used are 8mm.

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